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A Vision Focused on Quality

Addiction Center was founded by recovering addicts and health information writers. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information on addiction as well as reviews of top treatment centers across the country.

Addiction Center is owned and funded by Recovery Worldwide LLC, an organization that creates informational web properties on health and mental health-related topics. We are not a treatment center, but our network of centers across the country aims to provide outlets for people seeking help. Founder Chris Carberg is a recovering addict who received excellent care and wanted to help others learn about their own struggles and find treatment.

When you experience great care like I did, you realize that everyone should have that opportunity. We need to educate people about addiction and offer solutions for folks in need. That’s the greatest gift I can give as a recovering addict.

Chris Carberg, Founder, Addiction Center

Addiction Center guides addicts and their families toward the care they need, 100% free. If you would like to get in touch with our team for any reason, we can be reached here.

Addiction Center’s Mission Statement

Our principles are key to guiding the content we create and the services we offer. We believe that by following these ethical standards, Addiction Center will be the first step toward recovery and a rejuvenated life for many people.

The core motivation of Addiction Center is to serve our audience in a way that puts them first. To focus on the needs of those struggling with addiction in the most personally beneficial way possible. This motivation, the goal of saving lives, pushes us to create an ever-expanding audience. The more people we can reach, the stronger our message will be.

It is also our goal to create a medium where those in the addiction community can come together. By building a soapbox on which those who have struggled with addiction can stand and voice their stories, opinions and goals, we aim to make a considerable dent on the international addiction crisis.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Addiction Center exists to provide caring, effective addiction treatment for those in need of help. Our services are available to everyone, regardless of age, gender identity, race, economic standing or romantic orientation.

Our counselors understand the delicate nature of addiction treatment, and treat everyone who calls into our hotline with the highest levels of respect and professionalism. We recognize that everyone has unique and sensitive needs, and we take a holistic approach to prescribing the best treatment center.

Editorial Process

All content included on Addiction Center is created by our team of researchers and journalists. The topics are chosen based on informational interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals to provide the most valuable information for our audience. All of our articles are fact-based and sourced from relevant publications, government agencies and medical journals.

Our Pledge To You


The team at Addiction Center hasn’t gone unscathed by the torments of addiction; we’ve experienced it either personally or through family and friends. We recognize that everyone has their own story, facing hurdles that may be hard to fathom. With this in mind, we never impose our personal views on our users. We are compassionate and understanding to anyone who crosses our path.


Addiction Center believes there is an implicit obligation of specificity and relevance to anyone who comes to our website. We take our duty seriously by treating each page as a life and death matter. We recognize that each tidbit of information we provide is a chance to change someone’s life forever. Therefore, we continuously strive to refine our content to the highest levels of effectiveness and accuracy.


We are committed to presenting all the facts about addictions and various substances to give our audience a well-rounded knowledge of the journey ahead. We research each topic meticulously and strive to present that information in an easy-to-digest fashion. We always question the authority of our sources to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information. Testing the accuracy of information from our sources through comparison to other sources is essential.


In keeping with our obligation to our users, we understand that the quality of our services can determine the difference between a user deciding to continue down the path of destruction or to seek help. We keep explanations simple and direct to avoid over-complication or misconstrued ideas. Our goal in this respect is to ensure users fully understand the material before them.


Addiction Center is, and always will be, an independent venture designed to help those afflicted with addiction choose recovery. We value our independence because it affords us the ability to treat our users as the individuals they are and maintain rigorous objectivity in our content. We aren’t affiliated with any other organizations who seek to impose their values on us. We understand that remaining independent is imperative to effectively serve our community.